Have you ever known “what is the good environment for laboratory to work?”
iSERVICE is a best answer for YOU!. The good environment of laboratory is the heart to make your chemistry laboratory works more efficient and effective. iSERVICE takes care of the laboratory environment and maintains your high-Tech instruments to ensure they are always ready to run and deliver high accuracy results. We will support your chemists to use all laboratory instruments with confidence.

Why you should choose iSERVICE?
To make you chemistry laboratory works more efficiency and effective, we recommended you keep an iSERVICE in your maintenance program. It is also very essential that a laboratory is well-maintenance. With iSERVICE our skilled engineers will maintain your laboratory and perform maintenance for the following items:
1. Temperature/ Ambient Measurement
Use Thermometer LAB room temperature should be at 15-35 C (22 + / -2 'C).
Because scientific equipment while the machine will heat up the parts Electronic if too much heat can cause problems Electronic part is necessary to control the temperature in the range of the lab. 
22+/-2 ‘C
2. Humidity Measurement
Use Digital Temperature & Hygrometer Humidity LAB room should be at 20-85%. If the LAB in the room with high humidity may cause the Electronic part of the machine to short-circuit. Should maintain the proper humidity room LAB.
3. Noise Measurement 
Use Sound Level Meters measure the volume within the room, LAB, which should not exceed 70 dB
LAB room should not sound too loud if the room sounds as LAB. Personnel in the LAB may have impaired hearing have.
4. Electricity Measurement
Use Volte Meter measured power LAB room should be at 220+/-10%V.
LAB equipment room to the electrical room, LAB is necessary to have a great power. If electricity is not good because it may affect the action of LAB room, so it should be able to check the electrical room, LAB.
5. Lighting Measurement
Use Lux meter measuring the brightness LAB room should be at 500 Lux.
LAB work because the room would need to work in front of the Computer and document review. LAB, so the room should have adequate lighting and suitable for work.
6. Gas Leaking / Fume Measurement
Use Gas leak Detector measure the leakage of gas within the room, LAB.
LAB room with a gas engine. Should be checked for gas pipeline systems in good condition and ready to use. The validation tool leakage of gas. For the safety of personnel within the room LAB.
7. Checking Lab Care and Safety
» Laboratory suits – To protect personnel from chemical room LAB
» Glove – To prevent the hands of chemists are direct contact with all chemicals.
» Emergency washer and safety eye washer – If chemists are chemicals in the body or eyes must be quickly washed off immediately. To relieve symptoms caused by chemical
» Safety Shoes – To prevent the foot from impact or dropping of objects within the room over LAB.
» Chemical Safety Glasses – To prevent the chemicals do not get in eyes
» Safety Mask – To prevent in halation of chemicals into the body