Are your laboratory instrument fit?
Everyone loves a good healthy, also your High-Technology instrument.

Get your High-Tech instrument health check up with our program “ANNUAL CHECKUP”. Annual checkup will be performed by the expert engineers of the World Tech Enterprise. Our service engineers are fully trained and competent to check and calibrate your instruments. Having your laboratory instrument regularly serviced and maintained is an essential part of laboratory instrument ownership, regardless of the age.

Why you should choose ANNUAL CHECKUP?
In this program, our highly qualified team of experienced engineers will take care and maintain your laboratory instruments so that they are always fit and ready to provide accurate and timely results to your organization.
The value of ANUAL CHECK UP as:
1. Improved system  reliability
2. Minimized cost of replacement
3. Minimized system downtime
4. Better spares inventory management

WTE EXCELLENT SERVICEs can service all types, makes and models of laboratory instrument and proudly own a reputation and skills range that you won’t find elsewhere.