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  • The good environment of laboratory is the heart tomake your chemistry laboratory works moreefficient and effective. iService takes care of the laboratory environment and maintains your high-tech instruments to ensure that they are alwaysready to run and delivery high accuracy results.
  • Get your High-Tech instrument health check up with our program"Aunnual Checkup" by our expertengineers. To take care and maintain your laboratory instruments are always fit and ready to provide accurate result.
  • With over 15 years of service to the scientificindustry with our experienced engineer. WTEEXCELLENT SERVICEs provide a complete serviceand repair solutions to keep your laboratoryinstrument running smoothly.
  • We would like to be a part of your developing. Setting up your development with us!

    One of the most important aspects of your laboratory’s success is developing your chemistry tobe a professional. We are your partner that will help you develop your chemists to get the organizational goal. We are offering you in variety solutions such as Classroom Training Courses, Customized Training Courses and Solution Consultant in different way and very surprise with flexible terms and conditions. With ourprofessionally qualified trainers, Consulting to our valued customers in Kingdom of Thailand.

    - Classroom Training Courses
    - Customized Training
    - Solution Consulting

  • WTE EXCELLENT SERVICEs are high standard of laboratory services with expert engineers. Our experience working with some of the internationalscientific instrument companies have helped us understand the key points of customer’s services needs. Thus, we are offering you as a Multi - Vendor Service to perform all your laboratory services with our…EXCELLENT SERVICEs
  • Choose the plan that’s suitable for you

    - Buddy Insurance
    - Buddy Plus+ Insurance
    - WTE Service Guarantee